J is for Jam, M is for Marmalade

| May 15, 2014

My last post is about cooking. Cooking is sort of the ultimate education, bear with me here. Not only is it about seeking out the recipes, figuring out what nutrients you want to put into your body, gathering the proper ingredients at their freshest and then finally you getting around to actually using the stove/skillet/wok etc.

The difference between Jelly, Jam and Marmalade is something that came up today and I’m thinking…now that grad school is over, my brain is officially marmalade and I need a new hobby. (I started reading a book for fun yesterday on the bus.)

I don’t think I’ll be canning jelly but you never know.

So I was curious looked up the difference, “Jams are soft spreads made from one or more fruits, which are crushed or chopped and combined with sugar and pectin. Jams have a thick, spreadable consistency.” while Jelly is “clear gel made with strained fruit juice, sugar, and pectin. Jelly holds it shape but is tender enough to quiver, and should spread relatively easily.” and marmalade is a “soft spread made with one or more citrus fruits. Fruit pulp, juice, and citrus rind are cooked down with sugar. In the final product, small pieces of citrus rind are suspended in a transparent jelly. Because citrus fruits are very high in natural pectin, you typically don’t need to add commercial pectin to these spreads.”, all information according to Foodfanatic.com.

I’m a decently healthy eater, healthier than the average but not as strict as I could be. For a long time I’ve had a loud desire to create my own ketchup. I know it wouldn’t last long but I love ketchup and I want to make my own without all the sugar and the weird chemicals. (I’m sorry Heinz). My grandma keeps asking if I can cook yet, (“you know your brother is really a good cook”), and the answer is always the same, I cook enough to eat. Which really means I eat a lot of quinoa, frozen spinach and eggs.

So here I am officially vowing. I’m going to learn how to cook.  In a year from now I’ll have a better answer than more than just enough to eat. But I’m not going to do some lame Julie and Julia thing, even though I did enjoy the book. I’ll report back. Maybe.