K is for Knockoff

| April 15, 2014

The issue of authenticity is constantly discussed in art and in life. What makes something real? Who “decides” what constitutes art and what does not? Is it the tastemakers, the academics, the market, the museums, the galleries, the artists themselves? Is it possible to go on the immediate, this is, this is not etc.? This has been discussed for a long time, often referenced is the essay “What is Art” by Tolstoy where he defines art in terms of good, truth and beauty and believes that the art of the time (1897) was too decadent for him to consider art.

This theme also occurs in the Artificial Hells reading, the Waiting for Godot example leads into a discussion of the socially engaged artist adopting a “paradoxical position” which is “they object to their project being called art because it is also a real social process, while at the same time claiming that this whole process is art”.