L is for Lasers

| April 27, 2014

As a news and historic preservation junkie I came across news articles discussing a major change in preservation, portable 3D Lasers!

The company is called CyArk. They were inspired by the 2001 destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, which was a loss felt by everyone around the world.

(Sidebar: the Bamiyan Buddhas were built 16oo years ago on the Silk Road in Afghanistan. They were the largest standing Buddhas in the time built at a Buddhist monastery. They were the most famous historic site in the region and a UNESCO protected cultural heritage site. They were destroyed by the Taliban after intense protest from the world powers offering to save them/move them and UNESCO.)

The way these lasers work is to create a “point cloud” through pulsing lasers that return an HD map of the surface. The scans are precise, with the ability to show every half centimeter and ¬†values that represent color and brightness of the surfaces with an “intensity return”. The scans can show where cracks are starting to form and the difference between materials.

this is CyArk!! http://archive.cyark.org/mission it’s 501c3 nonprofit founded for this purpose. Some of their projects include the Lincoln Memorial, Mount Rushmore, the Duomo, the Titanic and many more.

this is the full list of projects http://archive.cyark.org/project-list