S is for Stress

| May 4, 2014

Happy end of the year! S is for Stress! Everyone has a million (not exaggerated number) assignments due in the next week, no one’s sleeping and even if you’re trying you wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t breath. I wish I could say after 6 straight years in school I finally had a good finals strategy but I don’t. I think I’m worse. Or maybe I just feel really guilty right now because I wish that I had planned better, spent more time in the library and done more work sooner but there’s no going back now.

Stress is this pervasive feeling that can make you really sick. I try to take decent care of myself through vitamins, exercise and eating fairly healthy to counteract the constant normal stress of life. I’ve found that stress doesn’t always go away the second you hand in whatever assignment, sometimes the weight is lifted but sometimes it lasts a little while longer. I know my personal stress limits even though I’m constantly testing them, sure I’ll take 19 credits, write a thesis, have a part time job and babysit.

I tend to feel the affects of stress in my body. I think I have levels, annoying but manageable stress is when I’m starving and tired but I can make a few lists and get things done. My deep stress level is if I’m not hungry at all and nauseous. The worst highest level of get a grip, go home and make yourself some tea YESTERDAY stress for me is when my heart is beating so fast from anxiety I’ve given myself that I can’t feel my hands because the blood can’t get there… but that doesn’t happen too often.  In my last two weeks of my last semester I’m attempting to channel this stress energy into decent work (and incoherent posts about stress). So here’s to keeping our immune systems strong and getting out work done! Let’s make some tea.