W is for Woodcut

| March 24, 2014

Last night I was reading Artforum…which I have to get sent to my parents house because it’s so big they refuse to deliver it to my tiny mailbox. but anyway. I was reading the obituary for Arthur C. Danto by Daniel Birnbaum, where I was immediately drawn in by Birnbaum reflecting on the first time he met Arthur Danto, knocking on his door at Columbia to introduce himself as the new Swedish exchange student.

From this endearing moment I read on to learn that Danto was an artist before he was a philosopher, a woodcut artist. This is a link to an online exhibition of his woodcuts at Wayne State http://artcollection.wayne.edu/exhibitions/REIMAGINING_SPIRIT.php, where Danto got his B.A. and then his M.A and P.H.D from Columbia.

So now…I made a vow to myself I will read *after my thesis is approved* What is Art, Danto’s last book.