X is for X-Ray

| April 30, 2014

Originally I was going to write another preservation centered post. But I know I know you already got it with the L is for Laser one. [Even though this tiny article about xray on stencils at the New York Public Library is awesome. Technology!!!]

So instead I’m writing a little about superheroes. When I hear X-Ray I immediately think about X-Ray vision and superheroes. I’ve found that people are very adamant about the superhero they love and why it’s their favorite and then they admonish me for saying that Superman is my favorite because blah blah blah it’s not fair that he has superpowers. But I’m not having that! I think he still counts. Sure Batman is cool because he’s just a guy with a sweet suit that fights crime in Gotham but then you realize Batman was a crazy billionaire and a ton of help with Alfred and Robin. Don’t even get me started about Spiderman, he had superpowers too! He had to go and get himself bit by a radioactive spider. Superman was born with it (maybe it’s maybelline). Don’t even give me Captain America or some other nonsense right now.

Superman’s X-Ray powers were slightly unscientific. Reading about X-Rays I’m reminded that when using them you can’t really see straight through anything and then see that thing in perfect 3D color. If it was really X-Ray vision the images Superman sees would look more like x-ray film which is the shadows of the objects that the X-Rays pass through. We all know that science aside calling something X-Ray vision way cooler. Hence…Superman is the best superhero there is.