Y is for Yearbook

| April 30, 2014

As I’m writing this post about yearbooks it’s pouring outside and Mumford and Sons pandora is on. So bear with me.

Yearbooks were an essential part of school. I vividly remember a very embarrassing fifth grade yearbook, that my best friends moms worked on in their living room for weeks before fifth grade graduation. I remember three years of middle school yearbooks and then four years of high school yearbooks.

There isn’t a yearbook for grad school…which is probably better. We could have all submitted pictures of ourselves in pajamas with pens in our hair trying to figure out how the heck they were going to teach themselves a full course of statistics to pass their finals in two weeks and then had it bound together in Columbia blue cardstock with TC embossed on the front so we could buy it for $50. I probably would buy it.

Though I’m without a yearbook I have this “Y” post allowing me a moment to reflect on grad school as it wraps up. (knock on wood, statistics final will determine this). This is hopefully the last few weeks of my life that I’m going to be scrambling for school. Normally I’m a little more organized. Other semesters I’ve been way more disciplined. I did all of my work ahead of time, had project outlines and chose better group projects. This semester has been a crazy push, every time a huge project was due I expected a feeling of relief when it was over but I haven’t felt that way.   It’s the zombie semester! It never dies! Really though I know it will…Maybe I’ll make a little grad photomontage-yearbook-artproject for myself.

No! Must study for stats!!!!! Then maybe…