B is for Bedroom

| April 5, 2014

A bedroom is defined as a room for sleeping in. Yet, it is one of the most intimate places for those of us lucky enough to have one.  It has the power to reflect who we are. It may hold our most valued possessions and reveal our daily routines. We could also become so trapped in those routines we don’t see outside of them. If we get a glimpse into someone else’s routine it can be an awakening.

Photography has a way of giving us that glimpse. When I came across an article about the English photographer James Mollison I was completely entranced. He traveled the world photographing children and their bedrooms revealing those completely different routines or lifestyles around the world. Out of his work came a captivating book. His book includes portraits of children next to a picture of their bedroom. As well as this for each child he includes a brief synopsis about their lives. It is much more then a reminder of how some children have a childhood of luxury  while others work from the age of 3.

You may find his work here:


Here are a few of the portraits: