C is for Cronus

| April 5, 2014

In Ancient Greek Mythology Cronus was the youngest of the twelve Titans. His mother was Gala “the earth” and his father was Uranus “the sky.” He overthrew his father and took over. With his sister Rhea he had 6 of the 12 Olympian Gods. Then his own son Zeus overthrew him and took over just as he had done to his father.

Similar to Cronus, in Greek “Chronos” translates into “time”. Lately, I feel plagued by time. There never seems to be enough and it passes so quickly. I can’t believe I am graduating next month! Yet, I wonder if I had more time with my M.A. how it would have changed my experience. How the time we are give impacts how we create…

Will time overthrow our creations? Are we destined to remain in our family cycle when it comes to our experience with time?