E is for Easterling (the art of death)

| April 29, 2014

While procrastinating after lunch I stumbled upon this brief article about socialite Mickey Easterling who recently passed away and requested her wake be a party.


As well as this her fulfilled wishes included her corpse dressed up and siting up right with a cigarette in hand so she could be part of the festivities. For some reason as much as I found this disturbing I also found it fascinating. Those who attended the wake or rather party looked on and even snapped numerous pictures of the lady. The way which they observed was almost in a way we would observe a work of art. With that thought and the thought of the creation for this event from the context to the details on Easterling’s dress, it made me wonder could something like this be considered art?

Apparently, something similar was also done for the wake of a boxer wear his family arranged for his body to be displayed in a boxing ring so they could take pictures with him.


Here are a few pictures of Easterling’s wake: