Introduction to Kelsey’s Primer

| May 6, 2014

Kelsey’s primer is a delightful fuse of contemplations on her experiences as an educator, graduate student and editorial assistant. Her passion for English is clear in all of her posts. From her observations on the use of language in posts such as “K is for K,” “P is for Precarious” and “A is for Alliteration,” to her references on great works of literature such as Shakespeare’s Othello in “V is for Vengeance” and George Orwell’s 1984 in “O is for Orwellian.”

As well as this, as a future English teacher Kelsey is extremely mindful of her students. In her post “C is for Catching up”she tackles the battle students face in the school system to reach the same level at the same time despite their differences. In “F is for Freewrite” Kelsey describes a technique not only beneficial to her but one she would share with her students.

Furthermore Kelsey includes thoughtful responses to the class readings such as in her post “J is for Justice.” She takes into account Bishop and Helguerra, while she discusses the topic of socially engaged art questioning how it may look in the classroom. Kelsey emphasizes the importance of being conscientious especially when it comes to the classroom. She writes, “In order to create a genuine experience for students, and to really be engaging with the hard questions, it’s important that the actions taken aren’t reduced to some form of tokenism or just going along with the flow.”