L is for Latte Art

| March 11, 2014

Most of us here are probably guilty of ordering a latte across the street at Joes and then admiring the perfectly foamed shaped heart at the top of our cup. With the many places art reveals itself in the everyday, who knew it would be in our coffee? This overdone artwork also known as “Latte Art” has a delicate process. Apparently, steamed milk is poured into a shot or shots or espresso. Though art may be “drawn” into the foam, the way the milk is poured usually and mostly determines the artwork.  The steamed milk needs to be poured onto a perfectly creamy textured shot of espresso. This creates a contrast between the separating milk and espresso. The way the barista or artist moves the pitcher of milk as they pour determines the pattern or artwork. Here is some “Latte Art” to enjoy, unfortunately minus the caffeine.