M is for Motivation

| May 4, 2014

In graduate school we don’t seem to have a term for “senior.” Yet, it being the end of my last semester here I seem to have mild case of what in high school or undergrad would be called “senioritis.” Being at the crossing line, I feel I have lost most of my motivation to complete my final papers. Yes, it is rather juvenile so I do search for my lost motivation and sometimes even pretend to be motivated. Yet, with knowing true motivation comes from a passion to accomplish something, faking it makes me feel like I am not being honest with myself. I even feel guilty admitting this (being a future teacher adds to the guilt)! If I don’t push through, I feel the the weight of the guilt upon me. So I ask, when that passion has faded what makes us push through? How far can motivation really be forced? When we fake motivation are we lying to ourselves?