P is for Planner

| April 27, 2014

Ever since my senior year of high school I’ve had a compulsive need to keep an academic planner. Before the start of every school year I giddily go to the campus bookstore with my first intent to buy a planner. My usual choice is a simple plastic spiral one with plenty of room under each day to make lists. Though I have a good memory and hardly look back on my entries in my planner, there is something comforting in writing my to do list out. My plans, my schedule, where I want to be or what I want to have accomplished by a certain time. There are times I don’t always follow what I’ve written in my planner and I don’t usually mind. It is the act of writing my plans out that I find most soothing. My husband makes fun of me for this. Still, I keep all my planners. I would like to think one day in the far future when I have a few spare moments, I will look back on the pages of my planners and see how my priorities have build, have grown and changed.