T is for Thinking Reflective

| February 18, 2014

Lately, I’ve been feeling what Shusterman describes at the end of his essay “informational overload.” Considering all the information I must take in from classes, my student teaching and outside experiences I often wonder if it would be more beneficial to be taking in less information with more time to reflect upon it.

What is the point of taking in all this information when we just spit it back out and forget about it? Don’t we need the time to internalize it? How do we give ourselves that time when we are presented with so much?

Though it is not necessary to reflect in order to experience by being present, as Shusterman writes on page 20, “…interpretation is generally needed to enhance our experience.” In order to interpret we first need to take the time to reflect.

By reflecting we are having the experience of looking inwards which may make it more likely to ingrain what we are reflecting upon within us. When we take the time to reflect and bring that something to the deepest part of ourselves only then will it resurface with growth. Perhaps, with a perspective we never expected.