I is for Isolation (Surrogates film)

| February 18, 2014

Reading about the “empathy box” from the Blade Runner story (on page 34 0f Shusterman) reminded me of a movie I saw a few years ago called Surrogates. It stared Bruce Willis; though that has little significance it may help those who have seen it to remember. The movie was terrible but had an interesting concept.

In the future humans live in isolation plugged (most of the time) into some kind of box that is connected to their robot or “surrogate.” This surrogate looks almost identical to their human operator/owner. The surrogate is sent out into the “real world” while the human controls it and virtually lives its experiences.

Here is the trailer so you may gain a visual idea:

Surrogates Trailer

Though, the “empathy box” and Surrogates (may I call them predictions?) are extreme. We constantly are plugged in, whether it is to our computers, tablets or phones. The presence of these devices is only increasing in everyday life. Considering this, it make me wonder how much of our lives our virtual? What is the difference between a virtual experience and one in the “real world”?