V is for Verse

| May 5, 2014

This is my last week of student teaching. So, I saved the best/fun for last. We are doing a mini poetry unit. I am amazed at how empowered many of the students feel by being given the power of free verse.  Several students who are usually reluctant to do work sit writing non-stop. Yet, a few students (mostly who usually have straight A’s) tell me they don’t know what to write. They need structure and writing prompts or they sit stuck. After all they are the ones who thrive on the structure of the school.

It reminds me of our class and this primer. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, yet it brings me back to how in the beginning many of us had no idea what to write once we were given freedom. Since we are grad students we are the ones who succeed in this system and structure other wise we wouldn’t be here. Still, after getting used to no structure we managed a way to succeed.

It makes me think of the students who succeed without structure and who are forced into it.  After all many great minds dropped out of school, among a few, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Dickens, Bill Gates…The list goes on. So why does our society enforce this? I always believed everyone should have an education yet after my experience this semester I wonder if some students would be better off if they were given the freedom to find their own free verse or structure.