W is for Wine

| May 4, 2014

Since it is the end of the semester, I’ve been thinking about wine. Especially since it seems to be a tradition here at TC that on the last day of classes we usually drink lots of wine. This makes me wonder why do we drink wine in certain social situations versus others? From celebrations to taking communion in church we drink wine. While, other forms of alcohol seem to be reserved for more low-key events. For example, beer is usually associated with watching a game or a barbeque while wine may be served at an elaborative dinner party.

With wines extensive history (dating back to 4100 BC) and all the varieties of wines, could wine be considered an art? After all many people collect wine and keep vintage wines as prized possessions waiting for the perfect event when the wine has reached a perfect color, palate, body and development. Others even attend wine tastings to evaluate different types of wines. Then there are wine cellars to store wine at the ideal temperature just as pieces of art are usually kept. In addition, with the many varieties and pairings of food for each variety, one would need a vast amount of knowledge to keep up when it comes to the subject of wine.

Here is a depiction of the birth of Dionysos (god of wine):