An Introduction for Jenny’s Primer

| May 5, 2014

I picked out this thought-provoking quote from Jenny’s closing primer, which she named after its author, because I believe it reflects one of the main aspects of her approach; questioning. The ability to question oneself is an extremely valuable one and, sadly, not frequently observed in teachers. As educators, we are typically required to assume the role of confident leaders who know what’s best for their followers. However, this collection of notes echoes the thoughts of a considerate individual who is willing to question her beliefs and actions for the benefit of her students. The predominant theme which spans this primer is the evaluation of teaching practice. Jenny draws on her own experiences as a teacher, exploring issues that pertain to the classroom environment and reflecting upon the outcomes of her own approach. The concern, expressed in Listening to Voices of Students and various other posts, with how her students extract meaning from educational experiences is also a recurring theme, woven into her work. Traces of her growth as an educator (Questioning) and as a person (Within) are present in many of the notes, as autobiographical anecdotes. Amongst the many questions posed, Jenny’s universal answer seems to be: listen. These are undoubtedly reflections that come from the mind of an attentive, sympathetic and honest teacher who listens to her students and puts herself in their shoes in order to provide them with an experience worthy of its name.