Costanza’s Primer

| May 6, 2014

Introduction by Jenny Coniff

Costanza’s primer is a wonderful, quirky exploration of the intersections and overlapping planes of neuroscience and art (E is for embodied cognition, D is for default mode). She weaves her interests in the workings of the mind into contemplative and fascinating musings on meaning, learning and being.

Beginning with A is for Authority and ending with Z is for Zen, her posts reveal a beautiful mind.  She ponders how images are processed through the senses and become meaningful. In several posts she wrestles with the definitions of both aesthetic and aesthetic experience. Fusing neuroscience and philosophy, Constanza explores the aesthetic representation of scientific content (i.e. cognition, hyperamnesia, etc.) Almost all her entries have visual components and/or links to further information. Those visuals might be a cartoon, painting, or video link.

Just like Costanza herself, the primer is unique, thoughtful, and intriguing.

A is for Aurthority

B is for Bodies

C is for Contributing

D is for Default Mode Network

E is for Embodied Cognition

F is for Forcing Life into Art

G is for God’s Symphony

H is for Hyperamnesia

I is for Informal

J is for Jitterbug

K is for Kant

L is for Learning the Art of Abstraction

M is for Motor Memory

N is for Anarchy

O is for Optical Illusions

P is for Presentation

Q is for Quality of Experience

R is for Resemblances

S is for Spontaneous Dancing

T is for Translation of Science into Art

U is for Unseen World

V is for Valve of Release

W is for “Why do I have to learn this?”

X is for X

Y is for Y Generation

Z is for Zen