N is for Anarchy

| April 14, 2014

This post is a result of my frustration deriving from the restraints inherent to the alphabetical format of this assignment. As I’m sure many of you are experiencing, every time I come up with an issue I want to address, I find that I have already dedicated that particular letter to another post. As time goes by, the negative correlation between the amount of points I’d like to tackle and the availability of letters becomes harder and harder to cope with (I cannot wait til I get to X, Y and Z !). I often find myself dedicating more time to the quest for a valid alternative title than to the content of the post itself. On the other hand, an evident positive outcome is that this constraint forces me to come up with an elaborate and creative replacement. When the quest for a replacement becomes too intricate, I get to the point where I have to make the decision of either publishing a post with a nonsense title or changing the subject alltogether. In this case, I often opt for the latter. These cases, where I am forced to negotiate between my interest and regulatory compliance, make me realise that perhaps I am more prone to conformism than I’d like to admit; I would rather stick to the rules of an assignment than pursue my personal interests. However, the fact that its arbitrary alphabet restrictions are triggering these creative and self-evaluating processes definitely make this an interesting assignment. As I am coming to a final full-stop I suddenly realize that I could have entitled this post “N is for Negotiation” (I haven’t used the letter N yet!) or that I could have taken advantage of this opportunity to get rid of orphan letters X, Y and Z. But perhaps I enjoy a good challenge and don’t like to make things too easy for myself.