Call Him daverafe: One David’s Introduction to the Other David’s Primer

| May 6, 2014

Maybe it was written in the stars that a David would write the other David’s primer introduction. Or maybe it was only written in the GoogleDoc. Believe whichever truth you choose, but believe this truth along with it: David Adler’s primer is nothing like Dave Rafe’s.

David Adler’s primer pays no attention to the aesthetic brilliance of the literary masters. Dave Rafe’s, on the other hand, expounds on Hemingway and Kerouac. David Adler’s primer bears no mention of the grand scope of the cosmos (although it does feature an “M is for the Mysteries of the Universe” post that has nothing to do with the mysteries of the universe). Dave Rafe’s primer, though, regales u with tales of UFOs and Quasars, opening up aesthetics to a galactic scale.

In more Earthly topics, Dave Rafe casts his net as broadly as “Music” and as narrowly as “Bacon;” posts on “Imagination” stand next to ones on “Trash.” Dave Rafe writes of paint festivals, Van Dyke beards, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, all things of which David Adler knows nothing.

And Dave Rafe’s primer breaks the rules. “Z is for Waking Life,” he writes, and “X is for Anxiety.” Of course, Z is not for “Waking Life” at all, and the only spot X marks in “Anxiety is some place near its center — it can hardly be said to stand for the word. Yes, such a primer is rebellious, even if it is without cause. How many primers of aesthetics can presume to make such a claim?

To repossess the famous words of a great non-David: this primer shall have its introduction, so that writing of the David, by the David, for the David, shall not perish from the Pressible.