H is for Hot Streaks

| May 6, 2014

My posts are like the ocean at the beach; they come in waves.


I guess, more generally, they’ve followed the general arc of educational procrastination (see the graphic in Steve’s post on the creative process). Interestingly, we started talking about this in class just as I started writing this post in my notebook. (Yes, I was pre-posting in class. I’m such a bad student.)

At first, I was generally caught up, hitting the blog with my two posts per week. Then, you know, I’d start chilling out for a week or two, then posting in bunches once I got un-lazy enough to do so. I even started jotting down post ideas once I got them, figuring they’d give me the impetus to actually write the things. That half-worked. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I’m like a streaky hitter in baseball; like the Mets’ David Wright, if you will. (Oh, and I will.)

Any analogy that lets me compare myself to David Wright is a friend of mine.

Recently, I’ve gone through my coldest streak yet. But that just means I’m gonna break out with my biggest hot streak. I’m about to crank out the posts this week, now that it’s crunch time. In fact, I have about seven posts sitting in my notebook at the moment I’m scribbling this—written, waiting, biding their time until they pounce on Pressible and go for its throat. And the ideas for my last few, which are going to be more media-ish ones that I can’t write out by hand, are waiting in the wings, just behind my predatory post drafts.

As this guy says before shitting into Kyle’s mouth, “It’s going to be a rot!”

Hold on Pressible, I berieve in you!!!!