R is for Robin Thicke

| February 18, 2014

One more post on lines…

The last couple of weeks, I kept wanting to write “I HATE THESE BLURRED LINES” in really big letters on one of our classroom’s writable surfaces. Especially during the one where we all drew those vertical lines on the walls that ended up all squiggly. I just felt like scrawling “I hate these blurred lines” across the top (it would’ve been a great mural). Not because I hated what we were doing in class. Just because all this talk about lines kept making the song pop up in my head.

SAFE for work:

Robin Thicke hates those blurred lines. (The literal blurred lines of censorship, the metaphorical blurry line between “good girl” and “bad girl”—a good girl who “knows she wants it.”) Robin Thicke wants clear, straight lines, dammit!

Robin Thicke is apparently not in the spirit of creativity. He is in the spirit of traditional education.

“What rhymes with ‘hug me’?” … Brilliant.

NOT SAFE for work (click if you want):