A is for Alive

| February 11, 2014

When I picked up this book about lines I thought could this really just be a whole entire book just about lines? How can you write a whole book about lines? Once I started reading I was intrigued by how Ingold defined what a line is, or can be. One part that I really liked was when he described a man walking and literally and figuratively creating a line on the ground as he walked. He was creating a path and a line simply because he chose to walk this way instead of that way. For some reason this felt to me like a metaphor for life or for being alive in general. We as humans tend to look at our lives in a very linear fashion, and as we make decisions in our lives that take us in different directions we see it as one big continuing line of life. This is something that is not necessarily anything new or that I haven’t thought about before, but something about that fact that I now know that someone wrote a whole book about lines is bringing it back up in my mind. Why do we have some necessity to view our lives as linear? What is it about lines that makes them so metaphysically comfortable for us as humans? Is this the essential question of Ingold’s book?