B is for Bacon

| March 11, 2014

I am always so amazed by the way certain things can so viscerally cause an aesthetic experience. I am not sure if this is actually a fact or it’s just my personal experience but I have found that I get the most visceral experiences through hearing and smell. Hearing is usually involved with music, but smell can really be with anything. The reason I titled this bacon is because that’s something that the second I smell it I immediately have an aesthetic experience, and I would say that it happens pretty much 100% of the time which is baffling because that is pretty much saying that I can on command have an aesthetic experience which doesn’t seem like it should be possible. I feel like food is a very unique medium as well. We need to eat to live, so we are hardwired to crave food, but people also turn food into a type of art in the case of being a skilled chef. Does more skillfully or artistically prepared food actually become more desirable? Is this some kind of phenomenon where our basic survival instincts and our cultural training is being fused together? Did the first person who ate bacon have an experience in just smelling it, or was it only after they ate it that they had an experience the next time they smelt it? I wish I could attach smells to this post. Why aren’t computers equipped to do that yet?