D is for The David

| February 25, 2014

I was thinking about this idea that was brought up in class about how we are conditioned to go to museums to have an aesthetic experience, and how a lot of the time it’s difficult to actually have one there because at least I have found that you typically can’t just bring on an aesthetic experience. It’s more complex then that. You can’t just say ok time for an aesthetic experience and then just have one. I think that is in a way probably limits a lot of potential aesthetic experiences that we could have in other places because we feel like it’s only acceptable to have them in certain places.  I find that I usually have more visceral experiences outside of places like museums because my mind isn’t being bombarded with all this art at once trying to make sense of everything at the same time. The most visceral aesthetic experience I can ever remember having actually inside a museum was when I saw the David statue in Florence. It’s in a rather small museum so it’s really the focal point and as you walk in you just turn this corner and it’s there at the end of this hallway, and I have to say I have never had such an experience with a piece of “classic” art. I was surprised because I had seen the statue a thousand times before in pictures or on TV or wherever else, but it just such an incredible presence, and I was really moved.