F is for Film

| February 25, 2014

I am taking another class this semester on pop culture and this week we are talking about film as it relates to pop culture. But I have been reading this article all about films emergence onto the scene and how it affected culture and started a whole new culture etc. But it just got me thinking about how watching a movie is a unique aesthetic experience. Especially if you are watching a movie at a movie theater which differentiates from just watching one at home on your TV because then that is similar to watching anything on TV. But just the idea of watching something, a narrative, on a screen, and there are people performing in front of you but it’s not happening live. That was such a large paradigm shift in entertainment when films first came about. If you were there at the beginning then you were experiencing and art form, and an aesthetic experience, that no one had ever experienced before. And as far as art is concerned it’s very rare to be able to say you were there for the actual beginning of the medium itself. Beyond film and photography (excluding digital mediums because I think it’s hard to say if they are truly something “new” or just a revamped version of something previous) everything else goes so far back in human history it would be extremely difficult to acknowledge what those very first experiences with it must have been like.  Here is The Great Train Robbery which is regarded as one of the first films as we know them today, as in having a linear plot line, conflict and resolution and so forth.