I is for Imagination

| April 1, 2014

One of my favorite things about any kind of art, and something that I think is so important about it, is that it fosters, promotes, and celebrates imagination. It seems especially these days that a everything is becoming so busy, just as we were discussing last class how we are becoming a 24/7 society and there isn’t any time for sleep anymore. There seems to be less and less time for things like dreaming and imaginative experiences. I sort of feel like this is in a way the basis for this class. Education and the aesthetic experience. Why does this matter? Why does this course exist? Why are we all here? With aesthetics in the classroom, if that can exist, then maybe there is a chance to enhance kids imaginative capabilities, and save them from the mundane of the 24/7 lifestyle that they will mostly likely become swept up in once they finish school. If they can have a basis of thinking that taking the time for imaginative experiences is worthwhile and important then maybe they will take that with them beyond the classroom, and see the world is different and more unique ways. I am not really sure how I would go about this but I want to be a teacher that fosters imagination, I want to create a space where art can exist and be experienced in a way that doesn’t feel contrived because we are in school. I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I want my students to have genuine and authentic experiences, because that should be able to exist within the classroom setting.