L is for Literature

| February 11, 2014

Books have always been intrinsic to education. Books hold the knowledge of the society. If you read books then you know things. This is all wonderful but what about the art of literature. I feel like this is being lost in the classroom. How often do we read a book in an educational setting and talk about how things were said as opposed to why they were said. This is really only something that would take place in an English classroom and it concerns me because I am on my way to becoming an English teacher, but everyone has to take English in high school and I think that this is an area where you can really bring in a lot of aesthetic experiences. No matter what you are going to be reading and writing in an English class, so why not bring an artistic element into it. Writing is just as much of an art form as painting or music or drawing, and some schools are fortunate enough to have creative writing electives as an option, but it just seems absurd to me that you can be discussing literature and not talk about the art in it.