N is for National Parks

| April 28, 2014

Can it get anymore beautiful? More and more as a society we are losing sight of the natural beauty in the world. Industrialization is consuming the planet and there are fewer and fewer places of natural beauty. Thank god we have the national parks that are preserved so that we at least have some places that won’t succumb to mans greed to consume anything and everything. Props to Theodore Roosevelt among others who knew it was crucial to set up a system for preserving natural landscapes. We talk a lot about certain spaces lending themselves to aesthetic experiences, and although I have never actually been to any of these places I imagine that it’s just about impossible not to have an aesthetic experience. Just seeing these photos is doing it for me and I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be there in real life. Further more I think that there should be more school trips to places like these. I know it would be difficult logistically and maybe in the end is just too complicated but who knows how much longer they will even be around, and wouldn’t it be incredible to show students something that will could genuinely make them forget that their Iphone exists even if it’s just for a second.