O is for Classroom Organization

| April 8, 2014

I have been thinking a lot about how we very often discuss movement in class, especially with Manning but even with with the lines and we did a lot of movement exercises etc. It just got me thinking about the rigidity of the space of the classroom. There seems to be very little room for movement in academia unless you’re in gym class or recess (although recess is typically no longer existent once you get to high school). I was wondering what would happen if we changed the organization of the classroom into a more full body experience. I’m not saying that students would constantly be running around the classroom or anything but loosen up on the you will be glued into this seat for an hour then you have five minutes to get to the next seat you have to stay glued to. On the one hand there is the issue of keeping order within the classroom, and the notion that learning involves the brain and not the body. But I think that if students had to have their bodies more involved it would engage them more directly in whatever you are trying to teach them. They wouldn’t be able to just sit there and daydream or doze off. If you’re body is moving then you have to be involved and engaged and I think learning could then be more organic and more enjoyable. We are stuck in this archaic version of education with the desks in rows and the teacher here and the students there and here’s what I’m teaching so learn it.