S is for Snow

| February 18, 2014

Typically for me the word aesthetic makes me think of the word beautiful. Like beautiful things are aesthetically pleasing. Although I suppose you could have something that is aesthetically unpleasing, which then probably wouldn’t be beautiful, although I guess that also depends on your definition of the word beautiful. But back to snow. I can say with certainty that pretty much every time I see snow falling I’m struck with its pure and natural beauty. But this all fades pretty quickly once its on the ground and people walk on it, and it gets plowed, and then your car is buried, and suddenly the snow is disgusting and a nuisance. But even though this will absolutely happen every time it snows, when the snow is falling I am always consumed with the feeling of how beautiful it is. I feel like a lot of art or anything that could be considered beautiful acts in a similar way. It seems that all these things have a very short life span, but can also be resurrected quite easily. Nothing can stay beautiful forever in our minds if we are constantly existing in the experience. The experience has to be finite. But as soon as we step out of it, we are ready for another one. I think this is an incredible phenomenon, and it truly baffles me as to why this could be the case. But it’s also the kind of mystery that I’m happy exists and I don’t think I would want to know the answer to even if someone could give it to me.