Eunji’s MetaPrimer#1_S is for Synthesis_A is for Education Collective Primer

| May 13, 2014


The title “Synthesis” comes from my previous piece I made at the end of the semester in May 2012. While it was coming to an end of my program at NYU, I wanted to make something collective in memory of each person who contributed to making the experience together throughout the year. I requested everyone to bring in clothes that they no longer wore. Each person delightfully handed me in their shirts, skirts, cloth bag, intimates,… which became the bits and pieces of the final composition. I called it “Synthesis_Class of 2012.

It’s the end of the semester again, and we all do something to mark the end. As students, we either take tests to see how well we took in the knowledge we’ve been fed through the semester, we submit papers as a practice of making the knowledge ours, we just had an open studio exhibition where everyone put up their selected work up on the studio walls and invited their friends and families. I also visited my friend’s music concert right across the hallway from our classroom where she performed her five sound pieces she made this semester.

And here, we have a collective primer that was web-based, blog-based, which we were supposed to post 26 primers per person anytime throughout the semester, and now to mark the end we’re doing this metaprimer!

Up till this moment, there have been 491 posts made in these couple months!

I know it seems tedious, but it was kind of interesting to take an image of an interface you see all the time and posting it up once again on it…kind of reminds me of the simulacra…

Anyways, this has become our synthesis of the semester. Whether explicitly or implicitly was expressed, the readings, the discussions, contemplations, and the struggles to post something cause you had to… are stored somewhere in our brain (or maybe gone already) and some showing up on here. Good job everyone! and have a great summer!