F is for Framing

| February 25, 2014

Everyone has a way of framing their thoughts, emotions…- perception is how I would call it. Framing is a way of how we navigate and make sense of our lives in this world. I regard vision as a way of framing of what we see or what we would like to see. I created an artwork conceived by this idea of framing in 2004. As a painting major at that time, I considered paintings to frame the subject matter I wanted to express on the picture plane. Instead of painting something on the pictureplane, I wanted my paintings to frame the continuously changing surroundings as the subject matter of my paintings.

Of course, the painting here becomes a literal object as a frame, but by having a frame and suggesting the lines of where to place the viewer’s eyes on, shifts the meaning of the painting to become a screen of vision that proposes the viewer to focus on the relationality of our surroundings – at least this was my intention at that time. This piece is a frame fabricated with mirror. I not only wanted to frame the space itself, but wanted to use a self-reflective material like the mirror, to emphasize the act of seeing and being seen.

My mirror drawings were series of grids drawn on the surface of square mirrors. The grid refers to the symbiotic axis of time and space, to emphasize the moment captured in that certain time and space by my mirror paintings.