G is for Google front page doodles

| March 22, 2014

I turned on my computer, went to the google site, and saw the rectangular image on the front page.

Usually I would be able to grasp what the images were referring to but this one was so abstract I wasn’t able to recognize what it was about. I think it was my first time paying attention to the front page imagery. It was also my first time not seeing the Google font because usually the illustrations would embellish the letters or the letters would be a part of the illustration instead of not having the letters at all.

The entire rectangle was a fading pastel tone, with short vertical stripes. It definitely was an Agnes Martin style color, but I am used to her squares with horizontal stripes, not a rectangle with short vertical stripes – format is important to me! It reminded me of the traditional korean costume (hanbok) clothing pattern, but I knew it wasn’t, because there would be no reason for Google to put it on the front page. Although I usually don’t pay much attention to the front page illustrations of Google, I’ve often thought that most of the events or historical facts they try to depict are very Western-based, which makes me think that the information provided by the Google portal site is western-centered, which is partially true.

Anyways, for the very first time, I clicked on the icon and was lead to the boolean search of Agnes Martin.

I was a bit surprised, why would Google feature a female artist who isn’t super well known to the public? I love Agnes Martin’s paintings to death, and was happy that this could be a way for more people to get to know her. But still wondered, did they run out of ideas for March 22nd? Did she die yesterday? Found out that March 22nd was her birthday, so then I thought today was like her 100th birthday, but it was her 102nd year since birth and she had already passed away in 2004, so then maybe to celebrate her tenth anniversary after death??

Anyways, I was really happy to see her images, and went on and clicked the youtube video of her interview that was listed second on the page. She was talking about the majority of her painting process focused on emptying her mind to receive the inspiration for her paintings. She said that there is no need to credit the artist since all the inspiration comes from above. I’m sure not many artists work in this way thesedays, but I really appreciate her attitude towards art and life that are directly reflected in her paintings,  “Serene Mindscapes” I should say.

I spent a bit of time looking at her work again, and also looked up what these illustrations were called – “Google Doodles.” I could even send in any of my own illustrations, which I don’t think I would but maybe someday..

It made me think about the power of the media- Google in particular, my likings and dislikings, the way how these internet sites construct my day…