Introducing Kiran’s(klp2140) Primer

| May 6, 2014
Although I felt sorry for not knowing who Kiran was, it was an interesting feeling to get to know Kiran first through her (hopefully you are female??) unique and mysterious name (trying to figure out who would be the one that would match this name among the faces I saw in class…), and then through the posts. I really felt like a detective trying to figure out who this person was by pieces of information retrieved only from the posts.
I’m sure I’ll say hi to Kiran tomorrow in class, but I’ll go ahead and introduce you the best as I can!

Kiran, is a lovely soul who is a seeker for beauty. Kiran starts the primer asking the question of beauty, and has been asking the question of beauty in every corner of her daily surroundings.
(Kill me Kiran if you are male…)
Kiran finds beauty in the everyday movements of people including fitness workouts, yoga and barre sessions, dance, in the design of studio spaces, in the changes of seasons and how it influences our terms of schooling, historical monuments she encountered during her visit to D.C. and so on.
Kiran is a poet, interested in how poetry depicts and sings about the wonders of life that include the ongoing cycles, emptiness, and mystery of life.
It seems to Kiran that these are all beautiful, and seeks for the invisible, internal, and enigmatic beauty that we can find only when we try looking for it.
Through Kiran’s primer, I discovered myself reading and enjoying her favorite poems from her poetry blog of last year, looking up youtube videos of R.E.M. Electrolite and Talking Heads, reading the beautiful but also sad poems of Randall Mann and Joe Brainard.
Thanks Kiran, for sharing all these. I really liked Talking Heads’ Naive Melody too.
Did you get to read Elaine Scary’s On Beauty and Being Just? I think it can give you some ideas on your journey seeking beauty, cause it made me ponder upon beauty embedded in my daily surroundings too. The Aesthetics of Everyday Life edited by Andrew Light and Jonathan Smith has many interesting and thought-provoking articles about beauty in our everyday life too.