G is for Graduation

| May 2, 2014

I’m graduating in approximately two weeks. It still hasn’t quite sunken in yet, probably because I’m still in the midst of finals, but also because I’ve been putting in so much effort to set up a post-grad existence (job hunting, apartment searching, etc.) that I really don’t feel “done.” Which raises some of the same questions we’ve been exploring throughout this class: when are we ever really “finished” with education? How do we know when an experience has “ended,” and can we only comprehend such things retroactively? It seems that there will always be more to accomplish, more forward momentum we can make, more ground we can gain. This prospect can be exhilarating; the sheer impossibility of knowing, achieving, or experiencing everything means there’s always more to learn, and more opportunities to grow. Yet, it can also leave one feeling enervated, constantly pushing forward with no end in sight. Perhaps we create milestones such as graduation to build in necessary periods of closure and reflection; they’re the self-imposed page breaks before we turn to the next chapter.

Maybe nothing ever really ends, it just changes form. Maybe that’s ok. I can’t give any conclusive answers, but I know that even after leaving the academic realm, I will keep pursuing opportunities to keep my brain fit. My schooling may be ending, but my education will not. And maybe once I’m on that dais or accepting my first post-grad job, I’ll take a breath and register how far I’ve really come.