O is for On Location

| April 30, 2014

I’m doing (or at least beginning) this post live from the field of an aesthetic experience, as it were. Thanks to the happy convergence of an unexpected night off and $35 rush tickets, I’m sitting in the audience of the Walter Kerr Theatre, waiting for the curtain to rise on “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.” My phone is at 18% power but I’m texting away at this entry in a rather guilt-ridden attempt to be productive and catch up. Yes, it’s finals crunch time and maybe I’m not getting as much work done tonight as I could have. But this is why I came to New York–to be in a place with so much great theater and art, and to get a degree which will help me become part of this field. Paradoxically, it’s the very pursuit of said degree and the workload that comes with it which has kept me from seeing as many plays as I’d like. But even the churn of academia can’t make me lose sight of why I do this, so I’ll savor this tiny moment of rebellion and enjoy the show.