C is for collaboration and compliance and community

| May 3, 2014

Collaboration is so much on my mind because it is at the center of my research interests. I think we learn best when we can turn to someone safe to ask for help, brainstorm, commiserate, etc. I collaborate with other teachers daily, and, lately, I have become aware of how much I collaborate with my students. I have life experience and pedagogical content knowledge, but I learn from and with my students all the time. They can tell what they know and what confuses them. They also let me know their perceptions of class– often very different from mine. Getting their opinions helps me stay tuned in with them.

C is also for community. I have to say that I don’t feel a strong sense of community in the Aesthetics class–kind of ironic. We have class in a beautiful space, but, I don’t personally feel connected to the material or to my fellow students. Perhaps because in other classes there’s more exploration of the materials, or clear expectations, or purposeful tasks in class that foster and build a sense of community.