E is for engagement and exasperation

| May 3, 2014

Engagement comes in many forms, but when I am truly engaged time disappears and totally immersed. Sometimes its a riveting conversation, or performance, or workout (especially swimming) or game, or writing experience. When I am fully engaged I feel totally connected and alive. I know that I keep writing about my students, but I think about my practice a great deal. There are times when I’m conferencing with them on their work or monitoring their collaborative efforts that the period just melts away.

Exasperation also comes to mind with engagement, there are times when I also feel exasperated and disengaged. I can spot disengagement in my students readily enough, but, with myself, I know that if I am watching the clock, I am not into it. I am feeling exasperation right now because I know that I have done more posts than are showing up on this site. ARGH