P is for Prospero, Patrick Stewart, and Procrastination

| May 5, 2014

I love Shakespeare– especially if I can see his work performed well. Years ago I saw a production of The Tempest with Patrick Stewart as Prospero. It was a magical production, not only because of the talented cast, but also because of the way it was staged. It was an early Julie Taymor production– all puppetry and theatrical devices. There was a giant sandy area at the center of the stage. In the opening “storm” scene, one actor had a sheet of metal that he used to make thunder. The actors themselves created the sea tossed prow of the ship. As “spectators” we were part of special effects. We could see the actor shake the metal sheet and were then, somehow, folded into the action of the play. To this day, it was one of the most memorable productions I have ever seen. “How glorious mankind is!”

P is also for procrastination. I think I have posted a gagillion entries in the last week.