T is for Time

| May 4, 2014

T is for time and space

Time is a constraint on us all, but I am acutely aware of it as a middle school teacher. Each class and meeting and duty is a prescribed length. I see some students in the morning and some in the afternoon. I wonder effect time plays on student experience as well as teacher experience. Everything operates on a schedule, which, I suppose is a logistical necessity given the number of students I see each day (95), and the number of bodies in the school building. Every student has a space they are to occupy for a set period of time before they move to another designated space. It’s amazing how students rejoice to work setting on the floor or out in the hall. Perhaps having the choice is what makes it desirable. I think my students need to feel more in control of their own bodies and the space they occupy. While I do need to facilitate learning, I think I assume that I need to regulate their movement far more than I do.

While I don’ t pretend that I understood that much of Erin Manning’s work, she did make me more curious the body and its intimate connections and interactions with thought. I know look at my practice with a new lens: how are bodies regulated or liberated.