U is for Underwater

| May 3, 2014

Underwater is where I love to be. I grew up swimming. It’s been such a cold spring that I have not been able to get out into open water yet this year. Swimming in a pool is fine; I get in the water a few times a week. However there is nothing like doing a long ocean swim and feeling the salt water buoy me as I paddle along. You have to “sight” or “spot” often, i.e. swim towards some kind of marker and keep it in your sights so you don’t get off course. There’s a lake I go to in the summers. If I get there early enough I can catch the sunrise and feel like I am the only one on earth.

Curious that “underwater” has a rather antithetical meaning to me as well. To be “underwater” can also mean to feel overwhelmed…perhaps even overcome and drowning. Underwater can = the end of the semester, especially in….oh let’s say a class where you have to create 26 posts.