V is for Vision

| May 5, 2014

I know that I started a post on this topic, but I don’t know where it is! How and what I see, my vision, is mediated by my experiences, expectations, and attitude. I had a vision for what this class would/could be, which I had to let go of…it became something different altogether. This is the last post, and my vision of the class experience has changed and so have I. Truly, many of the readings were dense and obscure, but some, especially Lines were quite something. I have other books that I ordered because of this class that I will read over the summer. I had wanted to engage with the material more in class– and I guess I was looking for some direct connections to my practice, but those bridges are ones that I will have to build myself.

Even though I am doing many of the posts right before the deadline, I am learning from them and getting something out of them. It’s forcing me to consider the nature of experience by combing through the peak aesthetic experiences of my life.