W is for Within

| May 1, 2014

W is for WITHIN
Curious how reading something can begin to alter your vision. Just
reading about lines gets me thinking about WITHIN– energies vibrations
and what you radiate outwards. I have read about (Dwyer) putting +
energy out in the universe, to dwell on what you want to manifest. In
WITHIN, he posits that what we see in ourselves is the accumulation of
the past– not the energy of the present moment or future possibilities.
In the book, the author says that “Life is an Inside Job” what we think
and dwell upon determines how we perceive new experiences. Although I
am working to banish it, that inner critic voice can emerge as I lay down
to sleep. It’s easy for me to dwell on all that I have not done, it’s taken
concerted effort to silence that voice. I’m not always successful!