An Intro to Kyle’s (alias kjn2116) Primer

| May 5, 2014

1. In Kyle’s post “G is for Gaze” he relates the experience of watching a theater actress on stage and having her look back at him. Kyle’s private world of gazing was interrupted by the actress returning his look.

2. Most of the letters in Kyle’s primer deal with an interaction between Kyle and his environment and Kyle’s subsequent reflection upon this encounter. “G is for Gaze” is a prime example, as are “O is for on the Westside Highway” and “W is for Walking”.

3. The persistent theme throughout Kyle’s primer deals with a human being’s interaction with the world and the processes one goes through in order to deal with these interactions. Even the act of creating this primer is material for reflection in Kyle’s posts because all of our experiences have some amount of both educational and aesthetic content. The methods of teasing out what these experiences mean and how we can engage with the world in a more aware and vital manner are what drives most of Kyle’s primer.

4. And so, as Kyle does several times in his primer, I leave you with this, another take on “Kyle Nelson”: