O is for Off-Topic

| April 28, 2014

1. I am moving from my apartment in a couple weeks and my wife and I are in the process of packing our things. Like most people, we don’t like having to pack up and move, but we have made 3 cross-country moves in the last two years.

2. Moving does help us get rid of things we no longer need. Each move our number of shoes and clothes and trinkets and novelty items has shrunk. Soon we will be living out of suitcases. I would like to do this, my wife is more hesitant.

3. We live on the sixth floor of a building with no elevator (I think this can be called a “walk-up”, but this is NYC terminology that I don’t have a good command of). As you can imagine, this is moving hell.

4. One thing that tends to get left in our moves is our printers. We buy cheap printers whose ink cartridges cost as much as the printer itself. Since these printers are kind of bulky and we can simply buy a new one for the price of buying some ink, we like leaving printers behind. This is, of course, incredibly wasteful.

5. In order to pack our books, we get the free Priority Mail boxes from the Post Office. They give them to you for free on the condition that you can only use them to ship Priority Mail. The United States Postal Service probably frowns upon the use of their free boxes as moving boxes. I will tell them that I do plan on using the boxes to ship things, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

6. When I was in middle school, my dad got a job working the night shift at a factory. He started the job at midnight Sunday night, so on Saturday night he made plans to stay up all night and sleep all day on Sunday, so his sleep cycle would be more adjusted. It was summertime and my brother and I didn’t have school. We decided to stay up with dad. We rented three movies (The Matrix, Blade, and Deep Blue Sea) and stayed up all night watching them. The last movie we watched was Blade, which we watched at about 4 in the morning. I was half-asleep during the movie so my dreams mixed with the movie’s plot. I haven’t watched it again, so in my mind, Blade is one of the trippiest movies ever. My dad quit this new job after a week.