C is for Continually Enjoying Going on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ride in Walt Disney World throughout My Youth

| May 4, 2014

I feel a sense of elation every time that I go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a vacation spot that I, as a young adult, understand portrays pernicious stereotypes that affect the youth of America, but a place where also I have had wonderful aesthetic experiences that I hold onto until this day nonetheless. The happiness fostered between my family and me at this place is something that I will always value.

When Disney World’s MGM Studios, now denominated as “Hollywood Studios,” first introduced The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ride, I was beyond excited. The idea of dropping down in an elevator sounded exhilarating! The idea of this hotel having a rather gloomy vibe to it only made me want to visit even more.

The hotel’s lobby looks like nobody has cleaned it in years. Therein,  something strangely unsettles you. The lighting in itself, depending upon what time of day you visit, establishes the mood as you wait to go into the waiting room.

The waiting room itself reminds me of a Freudian library or office; something is just waiting to emerge. You watch a video that explains the story of the family who visited the Hollywood Tower Hotel, but never left it. You commonly hear and/or read the phrase “You can check in, but you can’t check out” sometime during your time on this ride.

I remember as a child that this basement was always so creepy. I understood that this basement establishes the  creepiness of the ride and is part of the experience of going on it. The line itself is a ride.

For those who have not been on the ride before, I do not want to give away what happens when the elevator finally arrives to pick you up. It’s a really fun and spooky experience once you are sitting.

I cannot count the amount of times that I have went on this ride in my youth. From the lighting to the drop, I cannot wait to have this experience again.