E is for Envelopment

| May 5, 2014

Listening to this in the dark has frequently occurred. Her voice blankets and sense of apprehension; any despair; any—

But at the same time there is immense despair herein. Everything is felt all at once.

“They’re just hiding from me.” Whispered vocals that are not entirely heard.

The guitar creates a space wherein resonance envelops me. I try not to worry about anything, but that is nearly impossible at times.

Her voice has almost a maternal, blanketing quality to it. Comfort pervades. I feel everything all at once.

The emotional weight herein—I shouldn’t even be writing about this work.


The nuanced sounds herein make all the difference in listening to this. Even if my attention strays from it, I still feel it still holds me throughout my listening thereof. The immensity of this work—encourages me, at least I listen to it now, to forget about everything at the moment; to collapse almost; to not worry; to clear me.

To breathe.